Primary Investigator: Satoshi Ishii
Co-Investigators: NA
Industry Partners: 3M Corporation
Award Type: Seed Grant – Postdoctoral Research Scholar (with NRRI Travel Grant)

ProblemA large quantity of greenhouse gas N2O is produced by human activities. The chemical decomposition of N2O is too energy-intensive, and therefore, alternative low-cost technology is needed. 

Solution: The proposed research will use bacteria to remove N2O from the air. Aerobic N2O-reducing bacteria identified in the Ishii lab can reduce N2O in ambient conditions, while the industry partner (3M) has highly efficient gas transfer membrane technology. By combining the U of M and the 3M’s technologies, this project will develop a highly efficient N2O-removing biofilter. 

ImpactThe goal of this project is to develop and optimize the biofilter that can remove >99% of the environmentally relevant N2O concentrations. The proposed research should contribute to reducing greenhouse gas N2O from the air with less cost. The proposed biofilter is designed to be easily scaled up; therefore, the biofilters should enhance the opportunities for industries in Minnesota. 

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