Second Round of MnDrive Environment Seed Grant Funding Awarded

MnDRIVE, Advancing Industry, Conserving Our Environment, awarded a second round of seed grants for the 2015-2016 year. 


Post-Doctorate Fellowships

Dr. Jake Bailey received an award for his proposal to leverage biological sulfur production for the sustainable removal of sulfate from Minnesota mine waters.

Dr. Daniel Bond received a grant for his research enabling on-site treatment of brewery wastewater with microbial fuel cells.

Dr. Randall Hicks was awarded for his proposal to disrupt bacterial communication and reduce biocorrosion of Minnesota’s maritime transportation infrastructure.

Graduate Fellowships

Dr. Larry Wackett and Dr. Mikael Elias were awarded a fellowship for their proposal to engineer enzyme thermostability to help two Minnesota companies create commercial bioremediation products. 

Dr. Joshua Feinberg and Dr. Daniel Jones received funding for their proposal to assess microbial contributions to sulfide mineral oxidation in ores of the Midcontinent Rift in northeast Minnesota.

Dr. Romas Kazlauskas was awarded funds to support research on the enzymatic removal of organic contaminants from water.

Dr. Cara Santelli was awarded for her proposal for the bioremediation of selenium in industrial wastewaters using a passive aerobic bioreactor.

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