Summer Research Internships


The MnDRIVE Environment Team takes pride in playing a small role in supporting the next generation of researchers, science writers, policymakers, and responsible citizens. In this role we are pleased to acknowledge Reed Grumann and Caroline Frischmon. Both Reed and Caroline are student contributors within the Science Communication (SciComm) Lab, and their work this summer has centered on various aspects of anaerobic digestion and PFAS contamination.

Reed Grumann Reed has been working directly with MnDRIVE’s Jeff Standish to bring together researchers and policymakers in an effort to better understand and identify the scientific, logistical, and economic barriers standing in the way of broader utilization of AD in MN. He has also been instrumental in getting MnDRIVE project summaries posted to the website.


Caroline FrischmonMeanwhile, Caroline has been working as an intern with the MPCA to explore and communicate the impact of PFAS contamination and identify emerging remediation technologies. You will also notice her work in authoring some of the articles posted here on our website, for example “Sniffing out the Value of Anaerobic Digestion”.

On behalf of the MnDRIVE Environment Team, thank you to Caroline and Reed for your ongoing effort and support of our work!

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